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Collaboration workflows in the aeronautical field


The CRESCENDO project is a EU funded project with the goal of improving substantially the way manufacturers and suppliers in the aeronautical field collaborate in Modelling and Simulation activities. Traditionally the different components (wings, engines, nacelle, …) of aeronautical products  could be designed by the corresponding manufacturer or supplier purely in-house, with little actual collaboration at the level of Modelling and Simulation. The current products necessitate however a much closer collaboration between the different enterprises involved with the product, leading to a need for software support for this collaboration.

Workflows with tasks executing in different enterprises need to be deployed, for example a optimisation workflow for the design of engine and nacelle with a simulation of the nacelle at the nacelle manufacturer, a simulation of the engine at the engine manufacturer, and a simulation of the combined system at the aircraft manufacturer. Such an optimisation workflow needs to be executed several times in a loop, leading to data transfers between the partners, and execution of the simulations at the partner sites.

Different software solutions exist to facilitate this type of workflow, amongst others solutions based either on Dassault Systèmes Isight and SIMULIA Execution Engine, or based on Fujitsu’s SynfiniWay, or based on LMS Samtech’s CAESAM. In a next posting, we will describe and compare these solutions in more detail.

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