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The membership of the OpenMP ARB is growing


Convey Computer has now joined the OpenMP ARB, a group of leading hardware and software vendors and research organizations creating the standard for OpeMP.

The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) now has 14 permanent members and 9 auxiliary members. Permanent members are vendors who have a long-term interest in creating products for OpenMP. These are AMD, CAPS-Enterprise, Convey Computer, Cray, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, NVIDIA, Oracle Corporation, The Portland Group, Inc., and Texas Instruments. Auxiliary members are organizations with an interest in the standard but that do not create or sell OpenMP products. They are ANL, ASC/LLNL, cOMPunity, EPCC, LANL, NASA, ORNL, RWTH Aachen University, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

The increase in membership is a showcase of the popularity of OpenMP as a leading programming model for shared-memory systems, including multicore and embedded systems.

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